Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account? Is it free?

Creating an account is free! At the top of the homepage, click “Sign Up” button. Once redirected you will create your name and password, in addition to filling in your email address. Finally select the "create my account" button and start buying/selling your books to other local students!

How does pricing work?

It cost $1.00 to list one book. You can list 3 books for $3.00 and 5 books for $5.00.

What if the number of books I want to sell is not a bundle option?

The Textchange practices “rollover credits”, if you buy a bundle of 5, but only have 4 books to post, you will have that 1 credit on your account until you need to post another book.

How long will my listing appear on the site?

In order to keep our website free of outdated listings, each listing is active for 30 days. After that the post will expire and be removed from the site.

Can I keep a posting on the site for more than 30 days?

Yes, when creating a listing, you may choose the “autopay” option, this will automatically renew your posting for you every month for the same original $1.00 price (if you renew 3 books, it will be $3.00 per month, etc.).

How do I contact the seller of the textbook I want?

After clicking on the book listing you're interested in, there will be an available option to "Contact Seller". In addition, you can also share the posting with a friend by selecting the "Send to a Friend" option.

Can I delete my textbook listing?

Yes. On your account you can see “My listings.” From there you can view all of your listings and manage your posts.

I requested an email to be sent to activate my account, but I can’t find it?

Unfortunately emails from will be sent to your “spam” folder at first. You will need to change your email settings to ensure these emails are sent to your inbox instead of spam. Then you will be able to see all the emails you get!

Is The Textchange only for East Carolina University?

Currently The Textchange is for ECU and Pitt Community College but we plan on expanding in the near future. If you want to use our site but don’t see your school, please email us at and we will accommodate your needs!

Is the price listed for a book on the website final?

Prices are set by the seller, if you wish to negotiate a price simply select the "Contact Seller" option to send a message. Final prices will be decided between the buyer and seller.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password at anytime, simply select the “Forgot password?” option and type in your email connected with your account. An email will be send with a new password.

Always check your spam/junk folder for emails from The Textchange.